Samplla Technology


With the rise of home testing when hundreds of lab tests are available to be purchased online via Fantestico, Samplla enables to expand decentralized diagnostics to any sensitive analytes.

Traditional biological samples collection, transportation and storage is done in a liquid format and requires resource-heavy service. Normally, collected tube or a cup is packed in a special packaging and in many cases requires refrigeration and fast courier shipping. Historical dried-blood spot (DBS) card and other lateral-flow-based dried technologies are limited for only small number of stable analytes.

Samplla™, a new dried specimen technology designed to “freeze” time preserves and stabilizes sensitive analytes. Developed for a wide range of biological fluids including serum, plasma, whole blood or urine, Samplla™ provides a unique collection, transportation and storage solution that enables: 21-day stability at ambient temperature, high degree of analytical sensitivity and precision.  Unlike dried blood spot (DBS), specimens applied to Samplla™ are immediately “dried and stabilized” within a local atmospheric condition using its Samplla Modified Atmosphere Packaging (sMAP), that provides an atmosphere separated from the ambient atmosphere and resistant to gas exchange – the result, stability. 


Precision is a fundamental problem with any lateral flow methodology shared among all our other dried solutions. We developed a proprietary “wick-away” method to auto-regulate volume and achieve negligible impact to overall precision (3%). Samplla is the only dried blood technology the enables to preserves specimen integrity at ambient temperature for up to 21 days and hear-shock exposures of 50°C, see table below.

Samplla™ provides:

  • 21-day stability at ambient temperatures
  • high degree of analytical sensitivity down to pmol concentration
  • negligible impact to overall precision (3%)
  • correlates well with neat serum
Key Components & Process


Specimen is applied to a custom made device containing two wells.  Specimen does not have to be applied with precision – the device auto regulates volume.  Air drying is not required with on-board desiccant.

 Samplla volume auto regulate

The device is inserted while it's wet into a foil envelope that develops a special atmosphere stabilizing test components.


The entire assembly is inserted into a special mailer (sMAP) that maintains the integrity of the package for transit via common carrier, including international.  Once received by the lab, the media is removed, and specimen is extracted and run as usual.

Samplla MAP