Case Studies

VDI Laboratory, LLC

VDI Laboratory, LLC, is a specialty diagnostics laboratory service provider dedicated to the introduction of innovative biomarkers for companion animals.  VDI offers veterinarians testing for cancer, osteoarthritis, inflammation, essential vitamin deficiency, and more all through a unique dried specimen technology called Samplla™.  With Samplla™, VDI is now able to serve the worldwide companion animal marketplace.

  • Technical Challenge

VDI’s cancer panel utilizes thymidine kinase, type 1 (TK1).  TK1, an enzyme, is heat liable needing frozen sample transport.  With Samplla™, VDI was able to maintain stability for three weeks at ambient temperature.  Samplla™ essentially “stopped time”.


  • Cross Border Shipments

In addition to the U.S. including hot environments like summertime in Phoenix, Arizona and cold winter in Boston Massachusetts, VDI is receiving specimens using Samplla™ from international locations including, Australia, Canada and South Korea. 

"Samplla™ technology opened our international business.  Other dried technology tested was unable to stabilize TK1. Receiving international mail on a daily basis is simple and amazing - we love it"
Kyle Wilson, VDI Laboratory | Marketing Manager

  • Saving Courier Costs

Courier and overnight shipping is expensive.  Cool packs and Styrofoam containers were a logistics burden.  VDI was able to eliminate both and enjoy simple, easy to use and cost-effective specimen shipments.

"Samplla™ technology completely changed our operation.  Not only we were able to cut our highest operational expense by 80%, our fulfillment process became easy and smooth - I can't see how we did it without Samplla™".  
Stuart Ringold, VDI Laboratory | Operations Manager