About Us

Kepler Diagnostics, Inc. is empowering the global community to improve research, health and wellness by providing access to accurate and cost-effective specimen collection devices.

Our Samplla™ technology and innovative bodily specimens collection devices enables Remote Testing allowing people in the community access for accurate and cost-effective diagnosis when it is needed most.

The Samplla™ devices are designed to “freeze” time and stabilized sensitive tests to allow simple sample collection at-home, convenient shipment at ambient temperature via regular postal services, and analysis at any equipped laboratory facilities.


Our Team

Avi A. Dukler, PhD – Co-Founder, CEO

Avi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kepler Diagnostics. Avi has 20 years in the IVD industry. Prior to Kepler Diagnostics, he founded and served as CEO of Glycominds. Avi took Glycominds public via an IPO (TASE: GLMC), sold it to Medivie Therapeutic, did a management buy-out of the gastroenterology product line which was licensed to LabCorp (NYSE: LH).

Randy A. Ringold, B.Sc., MT, MBA – Co-Founder, CTO

Randy is the Co-Founder CTO of Kepler Diagnostics. Randy has 30+ years in the IVD industry and has held senior level management positions with Baxter Healthcare, Sysmex International and  Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute. Prior to Kepler Diagnostics, Randy was the Founder and President of VDI Laboratory, a company dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative biomarkers for the companion animal market of which the Cardio panel rights were sold to IDEXX Laboratories (Nasdaq: IDXX).